Sunday, December 21, 2008

This family knows what Christmas is all about!

The Duggar Family welcomes their 18th child; Jordyn-Grace.
This family is part of a growing movement of" "Quiverfull" families who understand the blessing of children.
We don't look like one of them, but for many miscarriages, we would have a large family. I am extremely grateful for my three girls, many of my friends wished for as many children as I have, and never had their own children. I do, however, get misty eyed looking at big families knowing that the season of childbearing is over for our family. God has great plans for our future, but more babies don't seem to be part of it. It's a wonderful phase in a family's life that I remember fondly.
God bless you, Duggar family for being a pro-life beacon and great example of homeschooling Christians in a darkened world!
Merry Christmas!


Jackie Parkes said...


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This family is such a wonderful example. I am thankful that The Learning Channel and Discovery Channel have highlighted this and other large families in their programming. I'll be putting up this picture and the announcement in my blog as well. Your family is a beautiful one as well Leticia. God bless all of you this Christmas and keep you safe and well.

Michelle Meyrink said...

This couple has forgotten the First Commandment - they have their own fecundity on an altar with votive candles lit under it. They worship their own capacity to make more people. The children themselves are only props in the movie in which the parents are starring inside their own heads. A cat needs more individual attention than any of the Duggar kids can possibly get at home. The heck with those narcisstic parents - my prayers are with the kids. The separate, individual people who are the Duggar kids.

Leticia said...

Worshipping their own fertility? You are grasping at straws in an effort to discredit them.
The Duggar children are some of the happiest, most well adjusted children I've ever seen. Parental attention is important, but it's only recently in our hedonistic, materialistic, 2.2 child culture that it suddenly became necessary to have so much one on one time. You discount the positive attention these children have with their siblings, which only children only dream about.
We tend to overemphasize individualism in an age where we forget the joys of being part of a family unit. Or part of a family which is as big as two baseball teams!