Monday, November 20, 2006

The Singing Nun

I just visited Blessed Among Men, and she had the same reaction to the Singing Nun's unfortunate demise as I did. I didn't know there was anyone out there who remembered the most unusual international singer of 1963.
I was pleased how many of us grew up with those lovely songs which conveyed Sister Luc-Gabrielle's deep, yearning for unity with God.

I am teaching the lyrics in French to my girls. Her songs, as well as the movie with Debbie Reynolds, and Ricardo Montalban, made me want to be a nun when I was growing up. I makes me sad when I contrast the beautiful ending to the movie, Sister Luke surrounded by singing Africans in her medical mission, with the stark reality of her suicide, and apparent loss of faith. The sixties was a terrible time for Catholics, I pray the Lord had mercy on her, and has placed her where she wanted to be:

Entre les etoiles, le Seigneur ha ecrit ton nom,
Entre les etoiles, tout la-haut dans sa maison,
Entre les etoiles, le Seigneur ha pose ta vie,
Entre les etoiles, pres de Lui, en Paradis.

Among the stars, the Lord has written your name,
Among the stars, way up high in His dwelling place.
Among the stars,the Lord has place your life,
Among the stars, next to Him, in Paradise.


Mia said...

That is funny, I saw the cover of "The Singing Nun" when I visited the library a few weeks ago and I was trying to remember the ending to the story. I read the book a few years ago and I remember a few parts of it - I also remember that the ending disturbed me quite a bit, I just couldn't remember what the ending was. Maybe I'll read it again and write a report on it. If it's worth the time...

Leonie said...

I recently bought this video seconhdand - my younger four boys haven't seen it. I pray for her soul, too. Nice blog - I found it via 4 real learning...