Thursday, September 6, 2007

Common Threads book avaible on discount from Band of Angels

If you're like me, you have wanted to purchase the beautiful coffee table book, Common Threads which features lovely photos of children with Down syndrome, but found the price a bit steep. All those pages of precious photos come at a price, it seems.
Here's your chance to get a slightly damaged hardcover copy (dog eared pages, damaged cover) for only $30.00 from Band of Angels press, the maker of this lovely calendar(see photo) and note cards featuring our gorgeous children.

I have posted here about how much Christina enjoys gazing at faces like hers. so I know who will be 'reading' the copy of Common Threads on our coffee table. Since Christina is an avid reader, but a bit hard on books, I might as well start out with a copy which is already a bit broken in!

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