Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has your Advent been sidetracked?

Advent is a challenging time to be prayerful and meditative.Sometimes as I said in my Catholic Mom post, its creeping commercialism which invades our homes, but sometimes its more serious matters
 I spent last week bedridden with back spasms, but thanks to having set the stage in former years, my teens know the drill. They played St Nicholas for Christina, bought my Advent candles (white this year), set up the manger,  and  the Jesse Tree. When I was able to get out of bed, Advent was already in progress. The gift I have been giving my children in a holy Advent is beginning to produce returns. Thank you, Baby Jesus!
Last night we attended a beautiful Mass of the Immaculate Conception and enjoyed peppermint hot cocoa and brownies in honor of Our Lady.

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Lynn Wehner said...

This always sticks with me, Leticia: A friend of mine is friends with a pastor's wife. Of course, every Advent, her friend's level of Christian outreach is very intense, but one year she was in a serious car accident. While she lamented that she wouldn't be able to help people, as usual, during the weeks leading up to Christmas, the "ministry" that went on at her bedside, as people came and talked to her, focusing on the important things, was priceless for the Kingdom.

Feel better, I pray, but continue to use this "downtime" as the gift that it can be for your family. :)

J.E. Bolton said...

Amen! I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes God wants us to let others minister to us. As much as we hate not to be able to do for others we are doing by letting them do for us.