Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Link between cancerous cells and Trisomy 21 discovered

Researchers in Boston have uncovered a link between Down syndrome and cancer. People with Down syndrome are LESS likely to have cancerous tumors, and here's why;

The report also for the first time reveals that a molecular switch, an enzyme called DYRK1A, performs a crucial step in assembling the p130-DREAM complex, and thus is novel control point for quiescence and senescence. When DYRK1A is turned on, it acts through p130 to set in motion the assembly of DREAM, which turns off the growth genes and allows cells to depart the growth cycle and become quiescent or senescent.
DYRK1A's ability to turn off cell growth genes may also be involved in the lower-than-normal development of brain neurons in Down syndrome, say the scientists, who are investigating possible new avenues to treating the disorder.
While they tend to have cognitive losses, people with Down syndrome have a markedly lower risk of most types of cancer. DYRK1A is made by a gene on chromosome 21, which is present in three copies instead of the normal two in people with Down syndrome, causing the enzyme to be overproduced. DeCaprio said this abnormal activity could explain both outcomes: DYRKIA-triggered DREAM formation could help suppress cancers by driving them into senescence, and also reduce the generation of brain cells during development.

This discovery can help both the underdevelopment of neurons in the brain of those with Down syndrome, and the unchecked growth of cancerous cells.That's why while those with T21 have fewer brain cells, they also have fewer cancer cells. LIGHT BULB!!!
 It seems that a rising tide lifts all boats, if researchers had shown more interest in Down syndrome earlier we may have made greater strides in curing cancer. Instead, we considered pre-natal search-and-destroy to have 'solved' the 'problem' of Down syndrome, suppressing interest in such research for decades, except of course for that of Dr Jerome Lejeune.
Thanks be to God we are not accepting this any longer and are agressively pursuing knowledge over eugenics. Let us pray that a significant treatment for cognitive delays in Down syndrome will precede widespread use of new blood tests for Down syndrome, or it will be too late to save those we love from extinction.

Read the entire article here.
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connie said...

I always am brought back to how there is a reason for EACH person God creates, and the world is are really missing out of what they can teach us when the choice is not to allow them to live.