Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day at Old Sturbridge Village

Christina working in the Cooper's shop

Our stagecoach ride

My favorite building was the Towne house, a large colonial-style home like our own, and, like ours, was home to several borders! We are living in many ways, a traditional life with extended family members staying with us, and attempting to grow our own food in our gardens and henhouse. The commercial kitchen in the cellar was fragrant with cheesed curing in the pantry, something my mother-in-law does in El Salvador but I haven't tried yet. I am happy expanding my canning operation this year and am hoping to branch into winemaking in a few years when my grapevines begin producing.
We all enjoyed watching the cooking demonstration over the hearth. So much work was involved in preparing meals in those days.
Our meal was delicious; we ate dinner at the Tavern patio in the heart of the village. Francisco and I enjoyed Montreal Roast Chicken with rice and roasted vegetables, and Isabella enjoyed clam chowder served in a loaf of bread. Francisco treated us to a stagecoach ride after dinner, and Christina's eyes shone as the carriage bumped along. It was the highlight of a lovely day we will long remember. We rode home through the hilly countryside and Gabbi said, "back on Long Island, you go to Bethpage Village Restoration" and when you leave, you are immediately in suburbia,  the 21st century hits you in the face, you leave Old Sturbridge Village and you see scenery and homes which makes you feel like you never left"

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