Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do we do with out leisure time?

Driving home from a day long cookout at the beach where I spent many summers of my childhood, it slipped out, "sometimes I wish I weren't SO CATHOLIC!". Then, recoiling in horror, I hoped that none of my kids were listening. Whew, they went home with Grandpa and  weren't in the car!
What did I mean by that statement? I meant after a day full of watching people who have two incomes, and lots of stuff:boats, fancy beach gear, including $5,000 canopies, fine wines, gourmet food, and better clothing than I have, discuss nothing but their stuff. homes, boats, vacations, clothing, investments, and careers,  I was feeling, well. . . if not envy then a fair amount of longing for what is generally considered the good life.
I am a teacher, after all, if I had kept that tenure-track job though my daughters' early childhoods, I'd be retired at $80,000 a year instead of writing for free and hoping against hope that I can get my basement finished someday. I could live in the posh beach town outside NYC where I grew up instead of the rural part of CT where life is simple and the people don't have boats besides canoes.
Sometimes I think I want that lifestyle. . . then I get over it and remember who I am.
Today, I went for a long walk in the cool afternoon along the river near our home, with Christina and our retriever Molly. We sat  for thirty minutes with our feet in the cool water, listening to the rush of water on the stones, Christina pitching rocks into the river, Molly exploring and me thanking God for the simple life. No one spoke of investments but we were invested. In each other.
I have long had the conviction that our pastimes have to be simple, since our time belongs to God. He needs Catholics to be engaged in the battle for souls, in this life,  and this leaves little time for recreation and unnecessary second incomes.  Watch this video from Michael Voris on this subject.
Sometimes the world tempts me to forget this sense of mission.
 May Our Lord keep me focused, this world is not my home.

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Love this post..wonderful..