Friday, August 19, 2011

Down syndrome achieves meets with Congressional members about NIH funding

This is a subject dear to my heart, obtaining fair funding for Down syndrome research.
There is an average of $100 spent for each person in this nation who has Down syndrome, while for other diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, its more like $4,000 according to the Alan Guttmacher institute.
But Down Syndrome Achieves met with our friend Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) to discuss how this can be remedied.

DownSyndrome Achieves, D.C. Hill Visit

On July 26, DownSyndrome Achieves Founder & CEO, Lito Ramirez, and DSA Legislative Advocate, Dean Fadel, met with Congressional leaders to help revive stalled efforts to increase federal funding for DS research, which sits at just $19M today.
See more photos from these exclusive DSA closed-door meetings with key legislators, including Representatives Cathy McMorris-Rogers (co-chair, Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus), and Pat Tiberi (member, House Ways & Means Committee).

Against the backdrop of the debt ceiling crisis, DownSyndrome Achieves was there working with Congressional leaders to build a more meaningful and substantive national strategy for Down syndrome.

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priest's wife said...

good news- one of the problems with the 90% abortion rate for those diagnosed with DS (besides evil, etc)- if we don't have lots of people with DS (it is a quite common disability), they won't put money towards research, programs, etc