Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ipad and Christina

Christina loves the computer, with the Starfall site she learned her letters, and she goes on PBS Kids often. We have applied for a grant for an Ipad 3 . She used it in speech therapy at UCONN Hearing and Speech Center, and has one at school she can't take home. Rather than watch movies when she comes home on inclement days, I'd like to see if we can engage her in some of these Ipad apps on this website. 

So far, she loves the Tom the Kitten app, where a cute grey tabby cat repeats what she says. I will post our favorite apps here when we get the Ipad.
Check out this post on Down Syndrome New Mama about apps for kids with Down syndrome.
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Teresa said...

Hi Leticia - How did you apply for a grant? We are interested in getting one for my daughter to use at school, but can't afford one and the school can't afford to provide one. You can e-mail me at tree227777@gmail.com Thank you!