Friday, July 20, 2012

The breakthrough we've been waiting for!

Dr Alberto Costa and  his daughter Tyche. 
Since I began blogging six years ago, I have been awaiting news that the research in Down syndrome would provide positive results. I know this will help lower the horrible abortion rate of those with Down syndrome.

Now, finally, we have a clinical study which proves that a drug, memantine, used for Alzheimer's disease, has applications for Down syndrome, it helped young people with Down syndrome remember better, in fact one person's memory improved tenfold!
This means we can give hope to those who are expecting babies with Down syndrome that research has been successful and will be followed by even more research, to help improve the quality of life of those with Down syndrome. And moms will not feel that their unborn baby has no hope. They may be more inclined to give birth since we have given them hope. HOPE.
 It is the first crack in the wall erected by scientists that believe that trisomy 21 is too complex to cure. It proves that the 'prevention' of Down syndrome known as pre-ntatal testing to abort babies with Down syndrome is a distortion of the wonderful discovery of Dr Jerome Lejeune. He intended that his discovery of trisomy 21 be used to introduce pre-natal therapies to mitigate the affects of an extra chromosome. 
We can now proceed to unlock more of the secrets which trisomy 21 reveals to us, possibly finding more treatments for other diseases as well; cancer, Alzheimer's. . . 
Thank you Dr Acosta for your persistence in seeking a therapy for cognitive delays of Down syndrome in a field which had all but abandoned them. 

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This is a HUGE breakthrough!
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