Monday, October 21, 2013

Ha Nacido Una Madre Especial

The very week my book A Special Mother is Born was published two years ago this month, I received an email from a Peruvian priest on the way to Rome. His sister in Peru was expecting a child with Down syndrome and the good Padre asked me if A Special Mother is Born was available in Spanish. I was delighted to be able to answer "yes, someday". My friend Marta who publishes "Fe, Fuerza Y Vida" the Spanish language diocesan paper of Rockville Centre (Long Island, NY) was working on a translation. Sadly, Marta became ill and the translation was not finished.
It must have been God's will that the book become available in Spanish. Last year,  I made a friend in London, journalist and Catholic mom to a daughter with Down syndrome, the gracious Francis Phillips. We are both devoted to Servant of God, Dr Jerome Lejeune, who she wrote about her article Dr Lejeune, Patron Saint of Down's Syndrome? Note that she was able to write to Dr Lejeune for advice when her daughter was born in 1990. Francis was kind enough to review my book for the UK Catholic Herald and  Spero News. She also mentioned my book to her friend, Esther Greciano, acquisitions editor for Edicciones Rialp who contacted me this spring about publishing A Special Mother is Born in Spanish.
I have been keeping this a secret for nearly half a year, and today Esther gave me the go ahead to announce that Ha Nacido Una Madre Especial  will be available in November.
You may purchase it from the Rialp catalouge or from any one of my blogs via the PayPal button, where you may have it autographed.
I am grateful to God who blessed the work of not only my hands but the other parents whose stories are in the new book, and for my new friends Francis and Esther who understand our love for these beautiful gifts of God. And thank you once again, Dr Lejeune, your heavenly intercession which is being felt as your legacy of love and care for those with Down syndrome lives on

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Elvia said...

Enhorabuena y que sea todo un exito

Aurora Rice said...

Dear Leticia, I am the very privileged, happy translator who has done Ha nacido una madre especial for Rialp. I have just listened to yesterday's interviews on tv and radio, and just had to get in touch. Thank you for your wonderful work. Love, Aurora Rice (