Friday, November 21, 2014

The Church is giving thanks for the lives of those with special needs

Christina and Daddy waiting for Mom to attend Mass in Maine this summer.
Mass of Thanksgiving for the Lives of People with Special Needs on EWTN Sat Nov 22 at 8PM

The commercial brought me to tears. I have never heard of a Mass of Thanksgiving for the Lives of People with Special Needs. I have heard of people with special needs being highlighted in events with all three recent Holy Fathers, but never a Mass of Thanksgiving for their lives. The idea that Bishop Peter Baldacchino recognizes that they are "windows into Heaven" for which he wants to encourage the faithful of Miami to give thanks is unprecedented. I am very grateful for this and intend to thank him for it. May all bishops be encouraged to do the same. 

I will never criticize the Church for a lack of specific ministries for my daughter with Down syndrome. I just want my daughter to be included in our parish at Mass and social events. But, lately,  I get discouraged when its difficult to bring Christina to Mass on Sunday. She used to love going to Mass and receiving Communion but lately she will only go on Monday evenings when the church is nearly empty. She is isolated from our wonderful parish and so is her father who stays home with her and attends a later Mass in another parish. 
Thanks to the Lord for my thoughtful pastor, Fr Tito, who never misses a chance to shake her hand when she does make it to Mass. He understands that she is more comfortable coming to Mass on Mondays. and makes a point to welcome her. He even spoke about her contribution to the world in a short documentary Gabriela and I produced about her called "A Missionary of Love". 
Thank you Lord for these pastors who recognize that our "windows into Heaven" are gifts to us from God and give thanks. 

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Unknown said...

Hey post Leticia,
we love you guys. Christina is awesome. I know she seems to do better when there is less people around the girls and I should visit you both again . . . so she can have the girls to herself. Hey BTW, the video link says the video is no longer available. : (