Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ash Wednesday in solidarity with 40 Days for Life

Guest post by CB at the Long Island Coatition for Life
Ash Wednesday vigil tonight at Planned Parenthood in Hempstead. While pro-lifers were praying around the country for the start of their 40 Days for Life campaign, we joined with them for an hour tonight. The rain held off as more than 20 of us prayed, held signs, and passed out literature. Even though the darkness makes it harder to read our signs, we received a number of supportive horn honks.
And it wasn't so dark that the pedestrians couldn't get our message and we got support from some of them also.Two young girls were walking by me and I handed them the little hands card, telling them that's how small their hands were in their mother. The reaction from the "older" girl made me think she was post-abortive or was somehow involved in someone else's abortion. I start telling them why we're there and that Planned Parenthood does abortions and they say "That's where we're going." Ugh. I start telling them that's not a good idea and they say they aren't going in for an abortion, but for a pregnancy test. Ugh some more. The girl who thinks she's pregnant.... 15 years old. I talk - they listen. I give them literature - they take it. I tell them about the Life Center nearby - they don't want to wait til tomorrow. I encourage them not to linger in PP after the pregnancy test or listen to them if they start telling her what a disaster her life will be if she has a baby now. I mention how abortion bothers women so much that the Life Center has programs to help women who had an abortion. And the older girl says "Really?" She readily takes the Life Center brochure.So the 2 teens walk into PP and are out in minutes. Why? Pregnancy test cost $100! WHY would PP charge so much, are they making sure the girl comes back for the abortion; is it a 'down payment?'We point out the LIfe Center across the street and tell them "Tomorrow. There. Free."
Thank God PP's high prices turn away customers and thank God people donate to prolife organizations so they can offer pregnancy tests kits for free. Pray that if this young girl's pregnancy test is positive, she'll find support and strength and courage to carry her child to term.Thanks for a job well done to ALL those who showed up tonight, including two families (one from Suffolk that's me and my girls!), a college student who walked from campus, a clergyman, and some stalwarts from the not-so-young crowd. And welcome to the first-timers - our group didn't quite match what they saw in D.C., but we're a strong presence just the same : )
We hope to see you again.

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