Friday, February 1, 2008

Here's something for the boys!

"Write Like Mike" Homeschool Contest Ends February 15, 2008Walden Media and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine are sponsoring the "Write Like Mike" Contest based on Mike Lupica's new book series, Comeback Kids. The contest designed especially for homeschool boys, but not limited to boys, ends on February 15, 2008.The contest is for sports-crazy homeschoolers between the ages of 8-12. With the Super Bowl dominating sports news and the New England Patriots poised to make football history, this contest connects with the excitement surrounding this event. Mike Lupica had this to say about the Big Game in a New York paper, "The Giants are allowed to think they can do what they do, get after Brady in a Super Bowl. They are allowed to think that, even allowed to say it aloud. Delivering the goods, against this quarterback in this game, that is something else altogether. Because Tom Brady is."Your homeschooler has the opportunity to write a sports column about a local or national sporting event (250 words or less) and enter the chance to have his or her column published in an upcoming issue of The Old Schoolhouse as well as winning $1,000 towards sports equipment for his or her favorite church, school, or educational non-profit. Sports passion meets educational purpose!Mike Lupica is the acclaimed sportswriter and New York Times bestselling author of Travel Team and Heat. Comback Kids is his new series published by Walden Media and Penguin Young Readers Group.Click Here for Complete Official Rules and an Entry Form. The deadline is fast approaching as the contest ends on February 15, 2008.

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