Friday, February 8, 2008

SImplify this Lent

Theresa Thomas, in her column at Catholic Exchange, shares excerpts from Dr. Peter Kreeft's classic 1990 book, Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions which contains insightful tips for simplifying our lives this Lent.
She says:
"I can't help but think, as we enter into this season of Lent, about the "heaviness," the complications of everyday life, that have the potential to snuff out the fresh light and air of Christ in our lives.
What am I talking about? I'm talking about living simply. Obviously Lent is a time for penance, reflection, renewal. It's a time for introspection and consideration of things eternal. What I'm proposing this Lent is paring down life, getting rid of the 'heavy draperies' so that things eternal can shine into our daily thoughts and lives."

No matter how I think that this culture isn't affecting me, reading mediations like these, I realize how I've succumbed to it, and make yet another effort to live simply and walk humbly with my God.
I've started to get up earlier and notice how much calmer, and longer the day is. Who needs those talking head programs anyway!
I get everything done in time, with no craziness. Now, I'm going to locate my Magnificat, and start the day with meditation, and see an ever bigger difference in how the days go.

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