Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christina's hidden talent

Have I ever mentioned that baseball is an important part of my childhood?
Dad was a Little League Coach for my brothers and eventually was commissioner of the entire League for our town.
I played on a girls' softball league in junior high, for which my dad was umpire. One game I was called out as I got a hit, because I threw the bat, hitting the ump (who was Dad) in the shins. Twice in one game! Another time, our team was down 15 runs in the last inning. We scored 17 runs in one inning in a fantastic rally, to win the game. Such happy memories.

Gabbi and Bella have both played on a softball team in the school field behind our yard, until sadly, they outgrew the league.
I never considered that Christina might have the same talent.
On Father's Day, she showed us that she had great (lefty) batting skills. She got 12 hits out of 20 pitches, beating sister Bella's batting average.
Play ball!

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Wow! We are a big baseball/softball family. There is so much children can learn through use of their eyes, muscles, and brains in this game. Not to mention cooperation, teamwork, and good sportswomanship. I hope you can find her a good league that she can participate in!