Monday, June 23, 2008

Possible cure for cancer comes from Down syndrome research

When Gabbi and I went to Dr. Roger Reeves' lecture on his groundbreaking research on Down syndrome last month in New York University, we were thrilled to hear that since people with an extra 21st chromosome don't get many types of cancerous tumors, research for treatments for Down syndrome may also lead to cures for certain types of cancer. Read more here.
Dr Reeves has a grant from the National Cancer Institute in addition to his grants from the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation. Since he is also finding links to Alzheimer's Disease and the 21st chromosome, there may be grant money forthcoming from the AARP! As Dr. Reeve's wryly quipped, "Looking at the age of Senators, you can see why there so much NIH funding for Alzheimer's!"
Not long ago, parents who were expecting children with Trisomy 21 were given abortion as their only option. No one was interested in doing research for a cure, since the death of Dr. Lejeune in 1996. But, thanks be to God, parents like me found that unacceptable; no one was going to say our children had lives unworthy of life, and there was a cure out there, according to Dr. Lejeune, and we are going to push until the funding of the NIH for Trisomy 21 research(only 17 million) matches what is spent on Autism (127 million). And, according to Amy Harmon of the New York Times, we are reviving interest in research for our children.
There is nothing like a mother's or father's love for their child.

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