Thursday, June 26, 2008

Down syndrome dolls a good thlng?

I have posted on Downi Creations, dolls which have some of the features of Down syndrome, and The Times Online has an article about another company who makes these dolls. While they are closer to the true appearance of dolls with Trisomy 21, I don't like the protruding tongue, as that is a habit we have worked to break with Christina. She no longer does it, and I would prefer a doll who doesn't have this trait.
Otherwise, I would love to see if she relates better to this doll than she normally does to dolls, before I lay out $50. She usually prefers her stuffed Elmo, taking him everywhere with her, even in a special compartment on the back of her tricycle.
What do you think?


monica said...

I think there are some American Girl dolls (or any other kind, really) that look much more like Christina. :-)

Christine said...

I don't like the protruding tongue either. I have known quite a lot of teens and adults with Down Syndrome, including a relative. I do not recall any of them protruding their tongue. I do remember a peer in school who protruded his tongue. Regardless of whether or not a person has Down Syndrome, I think that it is a habit that a parent would want to try and help a child break; not one that they would want to emphasize and promote. I am thankful to the companies who are making these dolls. May God continue to bless Christina and all of you!

Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...


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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

The doll would be better without the protruding tongue. I wonder if you collected enough comments about this and submitted it to the company, if it would make a difference? I like your new format. I think too much background is distracting from the words, which are the main point.

Alice Gunther said...

It would actually be a very beautiful doll if it wasn't for the tongue! Even before I read your post, that was the first thing I thought!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has Down syndrome and she looks nothing like these dolls. My daughter is super cute and I think these dolls are ugly. Yes- the tongue really really bothers me.
btw-your blog is great- thank you

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I have to agree about the tongue... my daughter Kennedy never stuck her tongue out, and even if she did it wouldn't be a characteristic we would want her to think is ok. I kind of like the idea of them... but I dunno... I'm torn!

ravenwings said...

hi, this is late posting, but... my daughter with down's never had a protruding tongue unless she was over-prescribed on her epilepsy meds, which would make her tongue swell up and then protrude. but not before that. yes my daughter was cuter and prettier and had finer features than those dolls too. beautiful larger green eyes.