Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coach treasures his son with Down syndrome

Texas A&M coach Gene Stallings, who just lost his son with T21, says he wouldn't have changed his son for anything. He says,
"Johnny outlived his doctors’ prediction that he wouldn’t live past the age of two because of heart problems, and when he died at 46 on Aug. 2, the accolades poured in.
“We’ve got more than 1,300 letters,” Stallings said. “Not notes, but letters telling us what a difference Johnny made in their lives, and thanking us for sharing Johnny.”
In remembering his son, Stallings said that, as a father, he has come full circle.
“The two saddest days of my life were when he was born and when he died,” Stallings said. “When he was born, I was devastated, and when he died, I was even more devastated.”
He is testament to the fact that the only reason the abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome is 90% is ignorance. Thus the reason for this blog, dispelling the darkness and allowing the beauty of our children to shine before the world.
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