Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Should "Little Audrey" Santo be a Santo?

Santo is Spanish for saint, and after the death of Audrey Santo of Worcester, MA, there is a movement for her beatification. I have seen documentaries of miraculous events around her bed. including statues which moved and wept blood and oil. The one which really impressed me involved a Host which began bleeding on camera right after consecration. From the priest's reaction, this was a complete surprise.
Though experts say an unconscious woman can't be heroically virtuous, those who knew Audrey, in a coma since a drowning incident in todderhood, say she was a voluntary victim soul. This case is unique, and I will be following it. I would like to see a definitive answer on how "with it" a person must be to be a possesor of heroic virtue. Many mentally retarded people have such deep devotion to Our Lord, and charity towards others, could a broader definition open the door for their canonization as well?
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Jackie Parkes said...

Surely mental handicap is no barrier to sainthood?

Angie Rose Elizabeth said...

There's no way Audrey should not become a saint, her life's story's much too true not to make her one.

Rest In Peace, Little Audrey, and thank-you much for saying, "Yes!" to our Lord!!!

Love you and God Bless you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Peace and Goodness,
The Catholic Church has a process where all the facts are reviewed and determination is made when a person is to be beautified, and to become a Saint.
From the facts in Audrey's case, should they be proven true, make her a prime candidate for beautification and later Sainthood.
We should pray for her always for then she in turn will pray for us.
She is a wonderful role model for all who suffer debilitating illnesses, and whose faith brings forth miracles in our time.
Pax et Bonum