Monday, October 13, 2008

In defense of Christopher Columbus

Mary Vitamin gives a non-PC version of the Christopher Columbus, the man who brought Catholicism to America.

History also tells us that Christopher Columbus was a Third Order Franciscan. This tells us more about the expression of the explorer’s faith. Marian devotion has always been a hallmark of members belonging to this order. Why would it be any different for Columbus who lived in pre-Protestant Europe ? The Continent had not yet heard of the 95 Thesis or experienced the usurpation of King Henry VIII. We might even expect greater zealousness in practicing devotion to the Holy Mother of God since no one had called the practice into doubt.

Paolo Emilio Taviani writes,
“Columbus was particularly devoted to the Virgin Mary and to
Saint Francis. He knew by heart all of the New Testament and
long passages from the Old.”
Five Hundred Magazine, Volume 1/No. 2; Oct/Nov
Each night as the ship which bore the same name as the Queen of Heaven moved closer to the New World , the crew brought the day to a close with the chanting of the Salve Regina. The haunting and powerful melody must have been a balm to spirits shaken by fear and hard labor. Could this practice be an example of Columbus ’s ardent Marian devotion? A devotion which gave support to his intrepid spirit?

Christina surprised me by bringing home this craft of the Santa Maria. This would never happen in Politically Correct Long Island! I know that Columbus did enslave Indians in the New World, but I don't buy the PC nonsense about how the natives would be better off in Latin America if the Spanish hadn't come and started missions. My husband is a mestizo, a man whose blood is a mixture of Indian (Pipil Indian from El Salvador) and Spanish. His faith comes from the 500 year heritage of Christopher Columbus. This proves that God has used imperfect man to accomplish His perfect plan. Good thing, or He would never trust me to help Him carry out the New Evangelization with my writing.
And another thing, this is the day we Italian Americans get to march in parades, and be proud of
our heritage as the Irish do on St. Patrick's Day.
So, Happy Columbus Day!

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Jeanette said...

Happy Columbus Day. Thanks, I learned something new today!