Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kurt Kondrich: Chloe's Dad

Tonight, in an attempt to get in touch with my natural habitat, I attended a nature workshop at my local library on vernal pools. Those are temporary bodies of water which appear in spring giving frogs and salamanders a place to lay eggs and the tadpoles a place to grow legs before they take up lives as forest creatures. I think that God's wonderful plan for nature is awesome, however the evening soured for me as the presenters described new federal grant monies to study rare salamanders and toads.
In this time of recession, we have millions to study humble amphibians, yet when Dr Mobley discussed his promising research to provide a medication to normalize the cognition of people with Down syndrome, he couldn't raise the $5 million dollars to develop the drugs from the government. Nearly half a million people with Down syndrome are in the USA (should be 5 million if they weren't aborted at a rate of 90%). These people can't get funding for drugs which would make them able to live independent lives, go to college, have fulfilling jobs, marry and live just like we do.
Salamanders. Phooey!
Kurt Kondrich(creator of the lovely video posted below) had the same reaction I did when he learned about the millions used to study the Kangaroo Rat from satellites. This shows a sad sense of priorities in this nation. Why don't people come before toads and rats?!

Read the entire story in the National Right to Life News and Views.

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