Monday, April 20, 2009

The Philippines pray the Divine Mercy Prayer as a nation


Ria said...

Hi. I am a Filipino with an 18-month old son who has Down syndrome. I was searching for Down syndrome resources today and came across your blog and this post. I've been living in Missouri since 2003. I had totally forgotten about this 3 o'clock prayer habit that is broadcast on 1 or 2 tv stations in the Philippines. Seeing this brings back a certain nostalgia about how religious Filipinos are. I can't say I'm a true devotee but it was nice to come across your post and your blog. Keep writing!

Leticia said...

Make it your daily habit, then teach it to Americans. We need it so much!
Hasn't your son taught you about the love and mercy of Jesus for your family?! Nice to meet you, Ria, I'll link to you.