Friday, April 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Thanks again to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes this Friday.

1. During Holy Week, Francisco started construction on the bonus room which he's making into a big bedroom for Gabbi. She'll have the best view in the house, and plenty of room for sleepovers.

2. We learned more about country life. The farmer accross the road has a cornfield. The farmer up the hill has cows. They worked out a deal, and what I affectionately call the "Poop Truck" makes several runs down the hill, past my house each week. Only sometimes the road is bumpy and they leave fragrant samples along the road.

Green acres, we are there!

3. Cosmo the kitten had a cold, and once he recovered, he grew 50% and found MORE energy.
Especially at night. ZZZZZZZ

4. We took our girls to Watch Hill, RI on a balmy 70 degree day, and dipped the tips of our toes (YES, the water was COLD!) into the ocean. The teenagers slept while Bella explored and Christina watched. I took photos, naturally.
The ocean was a mixture of aqua and royal blue, sparking in the sunshine. What a wonderful time we had!


5. I have been growing things for spring; on the first day I began life as a stay at home mom with kids in school (I was a homeschooling mom) I planted some flowers in my lovely garden window, thinking I'd have plenty of time to garden.

Well. . .they need thinning and transplanting, and I have no time with all the writing assignments I have.

Nice thought though.

6. Over Easter vacation we took in three boarding students from Gabbi's school, girls who were not going home for Easter. That gave us an excuse to go exploring our local environs. We took them to the mall in Providence and came upon this tea party at the Capitol Building.
7. I almost have my manuscript ready for the publisher. Should be working on it right now.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Too many writing assignments - a good problem to have! :)