Sunday, April 22, 2007

Old Bethpage Village Trip

On the first warm day of spring, our local homeschooling group visited a restoration of typical life in the 1850's, with historic buildings from all over Long Island.

At first, the 'residents' of the village didn't quite know how to address a group of such varied ages, and I wondered if many homeschool groups had come there before, however the adorable school marm knew how to handle a mixed-age group of children!

They settled into the schoolhouse readily, while she showed the children the slates, slate-pencils, lunch pails, and period maps. They exceeded her expectations with their correct answers to her US presidents quiz, and even the toddlers remained seated until she dismissed them with the bell. Her parting comment was, "I commend to you, the value of individualized education!" The mothers beamed; we had passed muster!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun? Were you allowed to drive there? LOL

Kari said...

This reminds me of a plce I have visited many times. It is called "Upper Canada Village"