Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time to Share Our Treasures

Barbara Curtis of Mommy Life has a great post about her plans to celebrate Mother's Day by posting a photo album of mothers of children with Down syndrome with their children.
Please participate, it's so edifying for new moms of Trisomy-21 babies to see the joys they have in store for them. She's doing the album to celebrate the publishing of Gifts: Mothers Reflect How Children With Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives which will be in the front of Barnes and Noble Bookstores next month. Here's a brand new blog by Jennifer rgg, one of the contributors of Gifts. Go over and pay her a visit!
HT Artful Thoughts

I'm getting my camera out!

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Amy said...

I am so moved by this image and picture!
It reminds me of an event that visited me years ago. I was working in the lingerie department at Lazarus department store(now Macy's) and I was in the dressing room fitting a pregnant woman for a maternity bra. I was excited for her pregnancy and was congratulatory, and she told me this. She said years ago she was pregnant with a child afflicted with Down's Syndrome, and she looked me in the eye and said, "Now we cannot have that,can we?" She elected to abort the child and when she informed me of such my heart just fell in sickness. I wasn't even Catholic and that point yet my soul felt the blanket of the darkness of death, which is authored by Satan alone.
Rejoice in all mothers who embrace life. Down's Syndrome is not a disease so much as it is a higher calling of grace. God works out salvation in these esoteric mysteries depite ourselves and our discernment of truth and reality. I love you Tish, and keep promoting the Kingdom of God, and continue to blanket humanity with the grace God has given you.