Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Barbara Curtis on Moms who Blog

Blogging moms are a new source of support for one another, according to Mommy Life's author,Barbara Curtis, mother to twelve including three children with Down syndrome.
She says,
"They've learned that they don't have to turn on the TV as a lifeline to the "real" world. At some point while visiting over the back fences, they've discovered that the world portrayed on morning shows is far from real or relevant anyway. As Julie Jackson, a former morning show viewer who now reads my blog, explained: "I find the big three morning shows are simply a daily PR machine designed to get me to buy new makeup, or 'the new little black dress' for spring, or to attend a movie première. I don't need to spend an hour watching advertisements posing as a talk show. Mommy blogs generally talk about what matters to me as a mom. I don't need more tips on eyeliner application – I need tips on how to keep my housework under control while I try to raise babies into adults."
I understand how they feel, I almost never watch regular TV (not counting EWTN) and much prefer tone of the bloggers I read, who build up my faith, encourage me when I'm down, and give me lots of ideas for enriching my homeschooling.

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