Friday, June 22, 2007

Christina's Physical Therpapist, Denise

As a new mother of a child with Down syndrome, I was going through the emotional rollercoaster and lifestyle adjustments, and the first outside help to walk into our lives was Denise, the Physical Therapist. Patient and perpetually cheerful, Denise's enthusiastic encouragement worked miracles with the little baby who couldn't yet roll over.
Together they learned to sit up, crawl, stand up, walk, climb stairs, jump on one foot, jump on a trampoline, and now, ride her tricyle. They worked on her tummy strength, and coordination. Denise could cajole work out of Christina on the worst of days, and she was the one therapist whose name Christina could say, she called her 'niece'. We will all miss her sunny presence in our home, as Christina moves on to a school-based therapist, and wish her God's blessings.


bethalice said...

Having had to deal with many therapists with one of my children, I know what it means to find someone who is exceptional, and how sad you feel when they leave.

Jean Heimann said...

It must be heart-breaking to see her go.

I pray that Christina will be replaced by someone who is also a blessing to you.

Leticia said...

Besides this post, my parting gift to Denise was the promise of a copy of my special needs mother's book. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.