Friday, October 16, 2009

Benefits of bad weather

This afternoon, since the girls are home with scratchy throats and stuffy noses, we are sipping tea and bracing ourselves for the Nor-easter's second wave. Last night, we were able to show my sister-in-law Milagro who is staying with us from El Salvador, her first snow.
The firewood is stacked, we have: milk, eggs, ice cream, and the ingredients for fresh apple pie, so let it snow.
All we need now is a good book to cuddle with. . .
Speaking of which, Lisa Hendey from Catholic has a good book to recommend.

I'm so happy to share some very exciting news with you about a major occurrence beginning next week at Our friend and fellow contributor Katherine Valentine, author of several wonderful novels, has volunteered to share her newest novel, Sweet Dreams, with our readers on!

Katherine's previous novels have been such a wonderful inspiration to me and so many other book lovers. I know this one will be as well, and would love to share this opportunity with as many folks as possible!

Click here to find details on how to get Katherine's latest novel.

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1 comment:

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I've been curling up with Thoreau's Walden. Seems appropriate cozied up during a storm.