Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg wrong choice for Toys 'R Us catalogue

I sent Christina's photo (late) for consideration for this catalogue. Good thing we never heard back from Toys R Us, I would have been faced with the possibility that Christina could be the little girl sitting on Whoopi Goldberg's lap in this catalogue.
I applaud Toys R Us efforts to include our children, but don't approve of Whoopi as a role model for our children. First of all she has made no secret of her approval of the murder of the unborn. Our children are targeted for abortion at a rate of 90% so we take her stand personally.
Second, she defended Roman Polanski's planned rape of a 13 year old girl, taking the stand that it was a consensual act. Thirteen year olds under the influence of alcohol and drugs are NOT capable of giving consent to a sexual act with an older stranger, under the law.
So, Toys 'R Us, get John McGinley from the TV show "Scrubs"(see photo), who has a son with Down syndrome, or better yet, an actor like Ashley Wolfe, Blair Williamson or Chris Burke who all have Trisomy 21 to do your next catalogue photo shoot. You can find their profiles at the DSIA.

UPDATE: Diane Grover of International Down Syndrome Coatilition for Life has taken action on this issue, and Toys 'R Us is listening. See her post below.

"I have spoken with Toys R Us, and the person who spoke with me is aware that we are working on this. She is very interested in passing our post to those that matter, so they can better understand why this might conflict for our families. She was wonderful, and both of us are hoping this can be a teachable moment for the Toys R Us company!! "
We have a unique opportunity to share how wonderful our children are, and the sad statistic of abortion, in and out of the Ds community. Unlike other advocacy groups, who can not discuss this, the IDSC has the ability to reach many people concerning this issue. Please consider taking a moment to share the beauty of your child, and how it makes you feel to see a pro choice advocate, advocating for your child. Remember, this ad is for those with disablities, and in the small print on the ad, it states that Whoopi Goldberg is a "Child Advocate". If she is not advocating for them to live, she stops short of advocating for children.
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