Friday, November 20, 2009

New treatment to help those with Down syndrome!

Great new research to help cognition in  those with Ds. This is what Dr Mobley described in his talk at Cold Spring Harbor Labs last spring.
Read the article from Reuters here.
Update 11-21
Yet, updated medical research is still being used to destroy our children rather than save their lives. Read this article at MercatorNet on how pre-natal diagnosis leads to eugenics.
"If Down syndrome, a series of conditions that are amenable to both life and happiness, is considered unacceptable, what then of other "problems"? In a society obsessed with so-called health, the outcome seems predictable. For those of us who are uncomfortable with or disagree with the laws on abortion, do we have to stop using a wonderful diagnostic tool for fear that it will, literally, fall into the wrong hands? Or is this a good moment for declaring a moratorium on ante-natal diagnostics and re-opening the abortion debate? "
I say re-open the abortion debate, we know so much more in 2009 about pre-natal development than we did in 1973, in fact Blackmun himself commented that a deciscion to grant Personhood to the unborn would nullify this decision.

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