Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do children with Down syndrome feel inferior?

Super post over at Vital Signs blog about the so called breakthrough in prenatal testing for Down syndrome. I wince every time it is said that lives will be saved, because it is simply not true. Typcial babies may be saved the risk of miscarriage posed by Amnio, however the ten percent of babies with Down syndrome who escape the knife at this time, will likely perish. I suppose if you consider them less than human, then they don't count.
You'll have to tell my spunky eight year old Christina she's not worth saving.
I can't.
You see, she thinks she is a beautiful, unique, irreplaceable child of God.
Poor simple girl, what does she know?

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1 comment:

amanda said...

"You see, she thinks she is a beautiful, unique, irreplaceable child of God."

hmm, she must have learned that from her parents.