Friday, October 1, 2010

Today begins Down syndrome awareness month

Peter Elliot is the Director of The Downs Syndrome Research Foundation and he wants your help. 
They are a British organization which offers free online educational seminars about educating children with Down syndrome. 
Unlike NDSS, NADS, and NDSC, They are pro-life. 
He send me the following message on Facebook.
We have this NEW USA Website in development and we need lots of video clips.
Here is a chance to show off our kids young and old while they are doing interesting stuff and it can be dressing up or dressing down, action clips or having a rest, sking, swimming, running, playing football or playing darts, doing well or doing awful, these should be short clips you can post to UTube and let us have the copyright to put on our website.
PS: We dont care if you live in the USA or the ends of the earth we just need great video clips to let new parents and doctors see our kids as they really are.

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