Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our entry for the "Goodness Reigns" Catholic Film Competition

Gabbi is going to get the TV camera and studio lights, and my stomach has butterflies. Not nervous ones, creative ones! She is entering a short (7 minute) film in the "Goodness Reigns" Catholic film competition which was featured on EWTN.
Our topic is Christina, the 8 year old missionary, about how her smile, her charm and her love win over hearts and minds to the idea that having a child with Down syndrome is NOT the worst thing that can happen to a family. That indeed, these children are blessings to their famlies, and should be welcomed with open arms. That she is a gift from the Hand of God who helps others see His Face just by being herself.

We'll let you know when its up on their website.

Please pray for these novice filmakers to have the Holy Spirit operating the cameras.
The first prize is four trips to World Youth Day in Madrid this summer, but we are happy just getting this important message known both online and on Charter Television.

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