Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our "Goodness Reigns" film has been finished and shipped!

This is where I have been for about four days, hidden deep in the bowels of the editing room, putting together what we hope will be an award winning entry for the wonderful Goodness Reigns Catholic Film Competition.
Gabbi came up with our theme; Our Extra Special Missionary because Christina is a missionary of love just by being herself and teaching others to love and accept those with special needs, but in addition, her ability to love others and relate to God are extraordinary. We hope our film was able to do this justice in only 7 minutes. It was quite a challenge to these novice filmakers, we are no Franco Zeffirellis!
Here is the thumbnail Gabbi chose for our film, Our Extra Special Missionary.

We filmed, we worked, we prayed, and, today at 4:45 PM,  banged on the door to make the poor postmaster in our small town re-open 15 minutes past closing time, to get that all-important Jan 10th postmark to enter the contest.
WE DID IT! Many thanks to Fr Tito and Christina's special ed teacher Maura, to Irina and Josh for burning our photos into DVDs, we owe this to your cooperation.
Gabbi went to adoration to thank Jesus, and I collapsed on the sofa, and thanked our little movie star, by giving her some long overdue attention.
We'll link to the film when its up on the site.

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Dawn said...

Can't wait to see it!!