Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten meditation

"those whom society sees as serving no purpose are often the ones closest to God because they recognize their dependence upon Him. Meanwhile, those traits which we admire most in ourselves and others—intelligence, wealth, self-reliance, common sense, respectability—become occasions for sin. They create barriers in our relationship with God because they become points of pride and prejudice. We shall have to give them up (or, at least, our reliance upon them) in order to enter the kingdom of God."
This lesson, culled by Jennifer Ferrara, the author of an amazing article in Godspy (remember that wonderful website?) is my theme for lessons in humility this Lent. To whom much is given, much is expected. I have been the recipient of many gifts, but pride can destroy my relationship with God and thus the source of my gifts is cut off. I will eventually run out of inspiration and wind down, but much time will be lost. My friend Dr Nadal talks about this in his Lenten meditation here.

On the night before Lent, it is a time for me to contemplate my own imperfections. As I contemplate them I think of how often my imperfections, my own shortcomings as a human being have enfolded me in paralyzing fear and guilt and have prevented me from becoming all I can be, all that God has called me to be. 
I see my calling as a writer and advocate to draw society's attention to those whom we often disregard, look down on or worst of all, think should not exist.  My goal is to remember myself that most of them are probably on line ahead of me to get into Heaven, with the people who annoy me at the local Walmart.
Read Jennifer Ferrara's meditation on "Revelation" a short story by Flannery O'Connor at the Godspy archives. 

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