Monday, March 19, 2012

Christina's tenth birthday celebrations

Chrissy and Grandpa. 

Bella and Gabbi having fun.

Ten years never flew faster than this decade of my youngest daughter's life. Ten years when she taught her family to love with a more intense love, celebrate with a greater joy, and laugh heartier laughs. To notice the daffodils budding, the sunshine in the trees,  and watch the bluebirds flying overhead. She turned up the volume on our thanksgiving prayers, gave us the gift of patience, and made us into activists.
Christina has given me the courage to finally begin that writing career, and this week, my book "A Special Mother is Born"  will be on sale in the United Nations Bookstore!
Thank you to my funny, musical, loving daughter with the extra chromosome, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the song in my heart!
Birthday party at home

Birthday party at Grandpa's house

You can't miss a farmer at heart!

Christina likes to play school in the schoolhouse. 

A lovely 1830's family!

Christina loves the cooper's workbench!

Always the daddy's girl!

We learned it takes 40 gals of sap to make one gallon of syrup!

Aunt Mila and Daddy love Christina.

Riding a HUGE sheep!

Break from walking is time for a hug!

Daddy and Uncle Manuel love Christina. 

Lovely sunshine!

They saw fish swimming against the current. 

The family had a wonderful time!

Christina loves sheep!

Her sisters made amazing cupcakes from "Despicable Me"

The dynamic duo, Chrissy and Mary!

To celebrate Christina's ten years, we all spent a sunny, warm spring day in Old Sturbridge Village. Its a peaceful place, where she knows the way around and happily visits her favorite sites, the schoolhouse, the cooper's workshop,  the barnyard, and, of course, the candy shop!

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