Monday, September 10, 2012

Interview with Eduardo Verastegui

I spent all weekend typing the nearly 3,000 word interview. Eduardo surprised me with his knowledge and wisdom on the subject of parenting. I had solicited questions on Facebook and many moms wanted words of wisdom to share with teens who are too enamored of Hollywood and Eduardo at first seemed overwhelmed by a parenting question (despite his many accomplishments, he hasn't found the right woman to settle down with and start a family yet) however, he applied the sound teachings he has been studying with his Catholic actor friends came up with some truly impressive thoughts on how to help keep children from the temptations to achieve fame at all costs.
I have some questions from Facebook. These mothers want you to know how much they appreciate your witness to a life of faith and chastity out in the world. They want to know how to talk to teenagers who are obsessed with Hollywood. What advice would you give to parents?
Verastegui: Wow! It’s a hard question! (laughs)

Velasquez: I know, you’re not even a parent and you get this tough question!
Verastegui: Well, I said the other day, that this generation needs more testimony than teachers. The best thing thing the parents can give to their children is lead by example. For example, if my father tells me, “Get a job” and he doesn’t get a job, why in the world am I going to be listening to him if I am a teenager?

Who is God for you at that time, but your parents? Everything you are going to learn about God is going to come from the love and the actions and the examples of your Papa and Mama. And if they behave well and if they raise you well, by example, you are 90% out of the gate.

If you are telling them “go watch TV” and you are watching TV you are doing this and you are doing that, you are not really loving them and spending a lot of time with your kids. Because if you have a father who works all day and a mother who works all day and the house is completely abandoned, they are going to feel like they are not important, because you are not spending time with them. Many parents to justify that; they say we have to work hard to give them the right education but when you are thinking like that, right here you are not giving the right education because you’re not spending time with them, all they need is the love of Papa and Mama. So, I don’t have all the answers. . .
Read the entire interview here. 
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I know Eduardo Verastegui (not in person) all the way back when he was in that singing group (can not recall the name of course!). It's interesting how he
has transformed since and is trying
to make movies according to what he
believes in. Not an easy task, specially in Hollywood.