Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Meme

Jean said I could tag myself for this Christmas meme, and I discovered that I had done this last year. Our traditions haven't changed since them.
1. Hot Chocolate or apple cider?
I love hot apple cider, but the girls usually opt for the hot chocolate.
2. Turkey or Ham?
3. Do you get a fake or real-you-cut-it-yourself Christmas tree?
Real, right down Main Street at my friend Henry's tree farm
4. Decorations on the outside of your house?
We hang a lighted star at the peak of our house, and our bushes are covered with white lights, there are icicle lights on the gutters in front, and a blue spotlight on my simple nativity scene.
5. Snowball fights or sleddin'?
We like sledding down the hill to (and hopefully not in) the lake.
6. Do you enjoy going downtown shopping?
There's only one shop downtown that enjoys my little Christina, discounted ladies clothes make great bargains, they play retro Christmas music (Bing Crosby) and proudly advertise, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". That's the only store I visit.
7. Favorite Christmas song?
Gesu Bambino, written by the organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral. I still have to learn the words to this beautful carol.
8. How do you feel about Christmas movies?
I love "Going my Way", "It's a Wonderful Life" and now "The Nativity Story" will become one of our family traditions as well.
9. When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?
When Advent begins, we begin learning to sing and play Christmas carols, but I try to avoid Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
10. Stockings before or after presents?
After, when the hysteria dies down.
11. Carolers, do you or do you not watch and listen to them?
We have never had any in our neighborhood, but I intend to remedy that this year!
12. Go to someone else's house or they come to you?
They usually come here. We love our home so much on Christmas, it's hard to leave.
13. Do you read the Christmas Story? If so when?
Before bed on Christmas Eve.
14. What do you do after presents and dinner?
Get my Godfather, Uncle Al, to start telling his colorful stories about growing up in New York City in the old days. He had us all rolling last year!
15. What is your favorite holiday smell?
The Christmas tree when you first bring it indoors.
16. Ice skating or walking around the mall?
Neither! I can't skate, and malls aren't as much fun as they used to be.
17. Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas day?
We make our kids wait for their gifts from us until Christmas morning. We open presents with Grandparents on Christmas Eve, so they aren't too overwhelmed on Christmas Day.
18. Favorite Christmas memory?
My brother Bill and his son Mike from Florida arrived on Christmas Day at my home just ahead of a big snowstorm (Mike was 6, and it was his first). He was delighted to be snowed in at our house, and spent the entire next day sledding with his cousins.
19. Favorite Part about winter?
Enjoying a fire in our fireplace, while looking out at snow falling at night.
20. Ever been kissed under mistletoe?
Nope, but I keep hanging it up in hopes that my dh gets the hint!
O.K. I guess if you read this far, you've been tagged.

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Ruth said...

OK. I love the answer to # 20 : )