Thursday, December 6, 2007

Feast of St Nicholas

Here's a post from last year. This year, the girls and I are reading the first book on the display past the candle, "St Nicholas the Wonder Worker", and of course, there were sweets in their shoes this morning! Elizabeth has a great post on St. Nicholas today.

My dear friend Tracey has set up her wonderful St. Nicholas mantel, and I thought you'd like to see where she found these treasures.
1. St. Nicholas cookie cutter
2.a tiny St. Nicholas rubber stamp (in front of candle stick) "St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker " by Anne Newberger
4."St Nicholas, The Real Story of the Christmas Legend" by Julies Stiegmeyer
5.Statue of St. Nicholas from
Leaflet Missal Company
6.Fr. Lovasik Saints Series, Book 4, St. Nicholas
7.Metal St. Nicholas statue with prayer card

8.Picture on wall over clock: Coloring book page from a coloring book of St. Nicholas
9. Pamphlet about St. Nicholas
10.Tracey's daughter Veronica traced a picture of St. Nicholas on a shrinky-dink and then baked in the oven, and glued it to a pin backing, a custom-made St. Nicholas pin!
10. Statue of St. Nicholas
11."The Saint Who Became Santa Claus" by Evelyn Bence
12. stained glass image of St. Nicholas
13. "The Miracle of St. Nicholas"
14.prayer card from the Ukraine
15. Baker's Dozen St Nicholas Tale retold by Aaron Shepard: a story about how baking St. Nicholas cookies led to our expression, "baker's dozen"
16.St. Nicholas faux stone statue
Thank you Tracey for sharing this varied and beautiful collection. She also reminds us not to
forget the CCC cartoon video, "Nicholas, the Boy Who Became Santa".


Ruth said...

I love this!!!

Gina said...

I know I'm a day late with celebrating St. Nicholas' Day, but I might just do it any way!

EVE said...

My 4 year old daughter loves this book #11 - "The Saint Who Became Santa Claus" by Evelyn Bence.