Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Memory Keeper's Daughter update

Raising Joey has an article about the upcoming film for Lifetime Channel, "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" which features characters with Down syndrome. We helped recruit an actress to play the baby girl for this movie, filming in Nova Scotia.
Here's a bit of the plot, from the best-selling book by Kim Edwards.
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter tells the story of a doctor who is forced to deliver his own twins during a paralyzing winter storm. The son is born healthy, but the daughter has Down syndrome.
Hoping to spare both his wife and himself the pain of a special needs child, the doctor asks his nurse to take the daughter to an institution. He tells his wife she died. However, the nurse doesn’t have the heart to abandon the girl, named Phoebe, and raises her on her own in a different city.

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Monica said...

That just seems like yesterday they were recruiting. Wow!