Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall back

Forty Days for Life finished today, and the second crucial weekend for "Bella" has ended, officially wrapping up Respect Life month. It has been the busiest October ever, thanks to this blog getting me involved in so many worthwhile projects.
Today, however, after the last baby bottle full of change for Life Center had been collected, and the last protest letter signed, the girls and I decided to get busy in the kitchen.
We made apple dumplings, something I'd always heard about but never made. We used the Rome apples from last week's pumpkin farm excursion, and had fun wrapping each apple in pastry and pouring in the sugar cinnamon sauce. I realized how rushed life has been lately and relished their company. I am teaching four days a week, some of my classes are as short as two hours, others as long as five, but it's getting dressed and out that is the most difficult. I would rather be blogging, cooking, reading with the girls, nearly anything!Thank God for homeschooling, to ensure that, despite my having to work, we still spend the great majority of time together.
Now, we'll be able to get to bed earlier than ususal, and get an early start for Christy's first day in "Gentle Hearts" preschool.

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