Monday, November 12, 2007

A joke which made me cry

I always cringe when the phone rings late at night, and pick up the phone warily, heart pounding, voice cracking with worry.
My friend John called me at 10:45 PM, totally unaware of my panic, he was breathlessly excited about news which had just appeared on our homeschool bulletin board.
An unborn baby boy with Down syndrome needs a loving home. Two sets of parents, both already blessed with two children, were contemplating adoption of this little boy, whose own father was pressuring his mother to abort him. They needed my expert opinion on just what kind of investment; financial, emotional, and spiritual was necessary to be a good parent to a special child.
John's wife was animated as we discussed the pros and cons of raising a child with Down syndrome via speakerphone. "We're doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to adopt him" she laughed.
As I laughed in response, tears sprang to my eyes at the beautiful irony of the situation. Two sets of parents, already blessed with children, with modest means, considering adoption at a time in their lives where many people look forward to empty nests.
Do they have any idea how crazy they seem in the eyes of the world?
And how beautiful they are in the eyes of God?!
Today a third set of parents, this time with three children, are inquiring about this baby boy.
This is the result of a life lived for Christ. This is the grace of the Sacrament of Matrimony multiplied by the grace of the Holy Mass.
This is the type of grace I want to write about in my book.
Thank you, my friends for your beautiful example. I am blessed to know you!

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