Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gabbi goes to Washington

Gabbi and I left home Monday January 21st for a whirlwind two days chasing Congressmen for interviews, social gatherings with pro-life luminaries, political activism and prayer at the March for Life.

We stayed at the Phoenix Park Hotel on the 21st, right across the street from Union Station, and down Capitol Street from the Capitol itself.

We met our attorney for our attempt at bringing Catholic Radio to Long Island at the Dubliner the pub at the hotel that evening and met his pro-life activist friends, including Br. Augustine of the Friars of the Immaculate Heart whose order will be running a Catholic radio station upstate New York. These friars brought the statue of Our Lady of America to Ground Zero last anniversary of 9/11, where she circled the area, and rode up 5th Avenue to St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you are not familiar with this approved apparition from 1953, I posted on it here.
After dinner, I requested one of my favorite Irish ballads,"The Whistling Gypsy", and left the cozy pub since I wanted to show Gabbi the prayer going on at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. We attended the rosary and compline in the Crypt Church at the Basilica till midnight. I posted on this here.

On the 22nd we attended the Memorial for the Pre-Born at the Hart Office Building,where we met David Bereit, and Tony Melendez whom I posted on here. We heard inspired preaching from Fr. Frank Pavone, then we didn't get to Blogs for Life till about 11AM when Rep Christ Smith was speaking, and former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline, who was awesome. He is in the throes of the battle to put lawbreaking George the baby killer Tiller behind bars where he belongs. Pray for him, if he succeeds amidst all the corruption in Kansas, then he promised to bring what he learned to the rest of us, and we can begin to dismantle the abortion machine, bit by bit.

Then Gabbi and I attended the March for Life, meeting many Long Island friends, I was interviewed by Japanese TV and did some interviewing of my own, and Gabbi took over 50 photos, which I made into a montage you can see here or on YouTube. I look forward to the celebration we'll have when we overturn Roe v Wade, and the state laws, and a mother's womb is no longer the most dangerous place in our land.

We spent a brief time in the Hyatt around 4PM to see the displays, meeting Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of Roe v Wade, and Fr. Tom Euteneuer, President of Human Life International as well as Slaves of the Immaculate Heart who ran Morning Star Camp which Gabbi and Bella attended camp last summer.

We ran round the corner, changed into our nice clothes, and at 5 we attended the Filipino Family Fund Champions for the Family Award Reception at the Phoenix Park Hotel. Eduardo Verastegui didn't make his appearance there, but we met Leo Severino and his brother Roger, Bobby Schindler, Chris and Marie Smith, and Maureen Flynn. Maureen writes the magazine, "Signs and Wonders for Our Time" and organizes the International Week for Prayer and Fasting each October at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Maureen's husband Ted Flynn, whose tape "The Thunder of Justice" . Leo Severino thanked us for the success of his film, "Bella" and informed us that the DVD will go on sale May 16. I met his brother Roger who works as an attorney for the Becket Fund.
It was an amazing two days, and I formed many contacts with whom I hope to coordinate our efforts to pass the Kennedy-Brownback Bill to protect unborn children with prenatally diagnosed conditions like Down syndrome.

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