Saturday, January 5, 2008

How not to enlist your family's help cleaning the homeschool room

1. beg- "PLEASE help me find my cell phone bill, before they cut off service"
2. plead- ". . . if you ever want to use it again!"
3. threaten- "I don't want to accidently throw out something of yours, you'd better come and watch me!"
4. cajole- "I'll play funny cartoons from YouTube on the computer to make time go faster".
5. bargain-"OK, I'll take you out to use your gift cards if you help me clean the room"
6. blackmail-"Oh LOOK at that cute baby picture with chocolate on your face, that I can show all your friends!"
7. bribe- "OK, if you help me, we'll go see "National Treasure" after we go shopping"
8. give up and blog about it

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