Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great new Down syndrome blog:Hidden Treasures

There's a great new blog out called Hidden Treasures, and parents like me who have been blessed with children with Down syndrome are welcome to send in their stories. Enjoytheir montage, and beautufil stories of how children with Down syndrome blessed their lives, and that of their children.

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Estefania said...

Hi all. This is Estefania writing from Spain. I'm working in a new educational tool for parents with children wiith Down syndrome. Actually it's not just me but a group of down syndrome organisations from all over Europe such as Down Foundation Zaragoza, Down fundation Athens and Down Foundation Romania.
The project is called PoD (Parents of Down) and its main aim is To design, develop and implement a new training tool for family members, professionals and volunteers to help stimulate and educate persons with Down Syndrome throughout their lifetime development.
This tool will be a DVD and a CD with information recorded in testimonial, expert advices and even Down syndrome people talking about their onw experiences.
We are looking forward to have an innovative way of letting parents know those things they don't or solve questions that can come up at crutial times. We'll focus in three areas: early intervention, teen age and adulthood.
I'll kidly ask you if interested in visiting our web blog to get more information.
The final tool will be finish next year and it will be delivered for free.
Hope you like it!!