Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mary Mother of God

In researching for my post at Mount Carmel Catholic Bloggers on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, I came accross the website of the Boston Catholic Journal.
This is the icon of Our Lady of Damascus.
Our family went to a late mass, said a family rosary, and then watched a video on the apparitions in Medugorje, while sharing eggnog and cookies.
I went there for Easter of 1987 and have loved the rosary ever since. I am trying to remain faithful to Our Lady's message there to pray, fast and do penance. Her call for peace becomes more prophetic every day. Here is the most recent message from Our Lady, according to Jakov, the youngest visionary.
Though this apparition has not received formal approval from the Vatican, the faithful are free to believe in it. I have heard private testimony from the Superior of a major conservative religious order (on condition of his anonymity) that he believes this apparition is authentic. He said, "I believe it's real: I heard the confessions there". Father will be happy to be named when the apparitions are formally approved, he was speaking as an individual, NOT as a superior or a priest.
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