Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mr Blue Sky available on DVD

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, the Mr. Blue Sky movie is now available on DVD!
The story of Mr. Blue Sky (film) is a heart-warming love story, which is as much about hope for children born with Down syndrome as it is an inspiration for all children born with any intellectual or developmental challenges.
The main message of the film is: Social inclusion and acceptance for all individuals born
with any intellectual or developmental challenges.
By purchasing the DVD you will be partnering with us in both raising Down syndrome Awareness and also making a contribution as a portion of the proceeds of Mr. Blue Sky DVD will go back to the Down syndrome community in honor of our so LOVED children and their families.
To purchase DVD just go to the website and follow the link for BUY DVD. Mr. Blue Sky challenges society's barriers by presenting a fresh look at our preconceptions for defining people's lives.
''Mr. Blue Sky is a story that asks us to see all people as individuals capable of similar wants, needs, and accomplishments."
See my review of "Mr Blue Sky" here.

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