Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Downi Creations

Christina Dunigan, has left a comment recommending Downi Creations. These are adorable collector quality dolls who have the features of Down syndrome.
Here's their story:

When Donna Moore, the founder of Downi Creations, Inc. worked as a Special Education teacher and program administrator, she was aware of the problem every day. In the average Special Education classroom, children with Down syndrome represent a large percentage of the students. (Statistics confirm that one in 800 births worldwide is a Down syndrome birth.)
In spite of these facts, there still exists surprisingly little educational support or public awareness programs to help the families or the general public to better understand and deal positively with people with Down syndrome.
Down Syndrome Originals© were created to help close this troubling knowledge gap.
Each doll was carefully designed to reflect the special beauty of babies with Down syndrome by faithfully representing the 13 features of Down syndrome:

1. Almond-shaped eyes

2. Flattened bridge across nose

3. Small mouth

4. Slightly protruding tongue

5. Small ears with a fold at the top

6. Ears set low on the head

7. Flattened back of head

8. Shortened fingers

9. Pinkie finger curves inward

10. Horizontal crease in palm of hand

11. Shortened toes
12. A gap between the first and second toes
13. An incision in the chest to indicate open-heart surgery
A friend of mine, had suggested that I create a doll like this when we visited last week. I liked the idea, but was doubtful that anyone would buy a doll with Down syndrome. Now, I am so happy to say I was wrong!
She is now suggesting a series of children's books where the main character is Christina, my daughter with Down syndrome.
I'm listening, now, Elizabeth!


Aimee said...

Those are so neat! I was raised by my mother and grandparents. My grandparents youngest child (their 6th child) was born with downs syndrom plus he was multiply handicapped. They told my grandma to take him home and let him pass. Then he made it to four and they told her he wouldn't be able to handle puberty. He passed that and is now in his late 40's requiring full care. I can't imagine my life without him as neither could any of my family. He has and will always be an every day part of our life. My children love to visit him. I remembering being little and having to answer questions my friends would ask about why he was different. Your daughter truly is a gift! Even more, you had the grace to greet her with open arms! My grandma was told to have no more children after him for they could not promise her a healthy baby. Amazing what medical science has come across since then! May God bless you and your family!

Leticia said...

Thank you Aimee, for sharing that beautiful story about your uncle, you are a loving niece for him, and your family certainly seems the richer for loving him so.
God bless you as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I LOVE this idea and I would love to buy a doll for ME! I remember that first Christmas when I would watch all the television ads featuring typical children with typical toys, and feeling oddly left out. Of course, I realize that was part of my coming to terms with Gabriel's additional chromosone, and now I celebrate all that is tradition and Gabriel having Down syndrome. I want to add that I admire such ingenuity and I hope the dolls and the books take off with much success!