Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Hallows Eve Mass at the Friary

Dozens of innocent children dressed as saints filled the church to overflowing, so that the doors were opening to the warm evening. As Father delivered this powerful homily on the election and the Sanctus was chanted, I watched the traquil faces of the parents, whose restless children failed to disturb their meditations. They relished the opportunity to pray and I had the impression that they wished that the beautiful Mass would never end.
But it did end, and after Thanksgiving, the crowd turned jubilantly out to share dinner, games and a mock battle between the 'forces of darkness' and the soldiers of Christ.
The children were taught by this mock battle how to attack the darkness reresented by the Friars who occupied the medieval tower (with water balloons) and not to shrink away in fear. The powerful evening ended with fireworks bursting into the night, and two shooting stars were seen over the tower.

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